Valentine One - Radar Detector
Valentine One - Radar Detector

Valentine One - Radar Detector

Valentine One - Radar Detector Gen 3 - 2016 Model

This is the ultimate in Radar Detection! The Valentine 1 is the most powerful radar & laser detector available, producing detection ranges other manufacturers can only dream about.

RRP £549.99

£539.99 inc vat

Valentine One - Radar Detector

Valentine One - Gen 3

"The Valentine One has dominated every high-end detector test we've conducted since its introduction in 1992" said Car and Driver. That's ten years of top-rated performance.

valentine one - radar detector

The Valentine One Generation 2 is accepted by press and public as the most powerful portable radar & laser detection system available. Updated for 2002 with Ku band Mini Gatso detection and new compact design (now 25% smaller). Engineered without compromise or cost restrictions, it is constructed using the best of materials and includes a host of features exclusive to the Valentine brand.

The Valentine One Generation 2 is the most sensitive detector money can buy, offering detection ranges that no other system can match. It offers standard radar & laser detection of up to 3 miles and market leading GATSO camera detection, with typical warnings exceeding 500m. Its unique Direction Indicator & Bogey Counter functions allow the user to pinpoint which direction the radar/laser signal is coming from, and how many traps are in the immediate area.

The Valentine One Generation 2 offers the following advantages over the out-going model. New Ku Band Detection of Mini Gatso New Compact design 25% Smaller, 20% Lighter X&Ka Bands have been deactivated to eliminate false alerts on these frequencies from mobile phones, automatic doors & other such devices Improved K Band performance.

Valentine one Specifications

Operating Frequencies: 10.500 – 10.550 GHz (X band)
24.050 – 24.250 GHz (K band)
33.4 – 36.0 GHz (Ka band)
13.400 – 13.500 GHz (Ku band): not used in U.S. —
to activate Ku band, see
(Ask Mike, Tech Reports, Report 3), or
820-950 nanometers (Laser)
Power Requirements: 11.0-16.0 Volts DC negative ground
225 mA typical standby, 425 mA maximum
alarm condition
Dimensions and Weight: 4.5 in. L x 3.6 in. W x 1.0 in. H; 6.4 ounces
114.3 mm L x 91.4 mm W x 25.4 mm H; 181 grams
Temperature Range: Operating: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)
Storage: -30°C to +85°C (-22°F to +185°F)

    * 1.8 software version with Euro Mode (Ka narrow filter)
    * 3.892 firmware version
    * Full 360 Radar and Laser Coverage
    * New Compact Design - size reduced by 25%, weight by 20%
    * Ku Band Mini GATSO Coverage
    * 500m GATSO Warnings (avg.)
    * Radar range 3 miles (max.)
    * Laser range 1.5 miles (max.)
    * Unique Direction Indicator - informs the user of where the danger is, front, back or side
    * Bogey Counter - informs the user of the number of different speed traps in the area
    * Advanced Logic - filter system for rejecting false alarms in built-up areas
    * City and Motorway Driving Modes
    * No Installation Required
    * 100% Portable
    * Comprehensive Accessory Pack Included
    * Fully Upgradable
    * 1 Year CE Warranty
    * Multi LCD Digital Display
    * Audio Alert for each signal type
    * Stealth setting for night-time driving
    * Memory Retention of all features Instant-on & Pulsed Radar warning Undetectable Circuitry - provides complete immunity to VG2 radar detector detector 

Whats included:

  • With Valentine One Radar Locator:
    1. Valentine One Radar Locator
    2. Windshield mount
    3. Visor mount
    4. Lighter adapter
    5. Power cord, coiled
    6. Power cord, straight
    7. Spare suction cups
    8. Direct-wire power adapter
    9. Wiring-harness connector
    10. Owner's Manual
    11. Spare fuses
    With the Concealed Display:
    (optional at extra cost)
    1. Straight power cord, 8-foot
    2. Straight power cord, 3-inch
    3. Display-module backplate, for mounting
    4. Dual Lock® Fasteners
    With the Remote Audio Adapter:
    (optional at extra cost)
    1. Power cord, straight

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